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With a return to in-person work in the office, a lot of us are feeling immense anxiety. Let’s try to break down the root of where that anxiety may be coming from, to see what we can learn from it. Let’s help you uncover why you’re feeling the way you are and of course, what to do about it.

Are you dreading the commute? Are you anxious about being in the office all day?

I had a hard decision I was facing. Here are the facts:

1) A business coach I really admire and respect

2) My therapist

3) My best friend

After doing these 3 things, the decision was clear (I think it had already been clear, I was just…

There are a few typical mindsets that limit or deter our career growth, but oftentimes these are “myths” or stories we tell ourselves that aren’t backed in data. Let’s work through a few that may be holding you back….

WOKEN is a web-based career exploration and job search platform guiding professionals through a step-by-step process to clarify their ideal direction and efficiently land a role they will love.

Here are just a few reasons explaining how we’re different from other career tools out there:

By Ruthie Kalai

We’ve hit the year mark of living life with COVID and it seems that there’s a collective sense of utter burn out. It is common these days to feel stressed out, irritated, impatient, and just not motivated to do anything anymore. Maybe your anxiety has noticeably increased and you’re just not the same person you used to be. You don’t understand why you feel so upset all the time. But when you try to talk to your friends and family about how you’re feeling, they say they’re feeling the same way too! What are you supposed to…

I wanted to share with you all a letter I wrote to share with any new career coaching client, as I think you may benefit to see what it could feel like to begin a new and exciting journey!


I am so excited you are beginning this career exploration journey. I want to commend you, and I want you to commend yourself, because it takes real bravery and vulnerability to “break the cycle” of hating your work, to invest in yourself, and to invest in pursuing the unknown. As you go through the process, remember:

WOKEN is an international web-based platform that guides professionals to confidently identify which career path they will love.

New York, NY Jan 18, 2021

With any number of job matching and job search engines available today, the career space is still failing to serve the best interest of job candidates. Not only do candidates not know how, when, where or why to effectively job search, they also falter to know exactly what path is the best fit and next step for them. In fact, WOKEN says that a candidate’s lack of career clarity is exactly what is lengthening and hindering their job search.

WOKEN has guided hundreds of professionals to answer the age old question, “what should I…

This question often is completely ignored when it comes to career pathing. Most people think you’ll just figure out whether you like it once you get there and that the worst thing that could happen is that you learn about what you don’t like. Unfortunately, that is the status quo. But what if you could flip this on its head and proactively identify which path is right for you before you land that job? What if you could feel certain that you know which role and industry is the best match for you? Wouldn’t you want to do it?


A plethora of people simply say that their goal or passion is to “help people.” However, every single job helps…someone….to do something. The real question is — who exactly do you want to help? With what? Why? Where? How? These are questions that may take some time to clarify, but once you do, then you can figure out a career path that is specific and fitting to you, rather than quoting your passion in a broad and generic fashion. By answering these questions, you can then figure out what exact role should you play in this world!

So how do…

Society has never been able to answer the age-old question “how do I figure out what to do with my life?” and oftentimes people roam through life never having answered it. Through personal job search experience, hundreds of referrals to coach professionals struggling to navigate their career journeys, an understanding of the limitations and best practices of today’s job search ecosystem, and my coaching training, I have developed a process that individuals can use to finally, effectively, confidently answer that daunting question.

Why is this the best time for career exploration?

The world is in a volatile place, and while…


Waking you up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.

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