How (and Why) to Effectively Research During your Job Search

There are various activities you should be doing in your job search beyond just applying to roles online. To quickly summarize, here is a quick list of the various activities you should be doing and for what percent of your time. Networking (50%), Online Applications (10%), Online Research (10%), Personal Branding (10%), Skill Development (10%), Self Care (5%), Self Reflection (5%). Read more about my suggested job search strategy here.

Today, we’re going to dive into research as a key activity to do during your job search.

Why is researching such an important part of your job search?

  1. It allows a moment of choice, whereby you can continuously ask yourself and reflect on what roles and industries interest you that you even want to start researching today. You should only spend this time learning what you want to be learning, which will inform drastically which job applications are the best use of your time to submit (i.e. which are most aligned with you).

Key questions you can ask yourself when doing your research:

  • What problems do you want to learn about? What problems do you want to work on or help solve? For more self-reflection and an 80+ question career assessment, check out WOKEN’s career platform.

How should I do the research, specifically?

  • Don’t be afraid to leverage Google, Youtube, LinkedIn newsfeed, news channels, webinars, or other professional industry-based resources that you like to use (get suggestions from networking contacts!).

What do I do with all my learnings?

  • That’s why 5% of your week is devoted to reflections. Document what you learned, and what it means for your next steps. Did you learn something that helps you to narrow in on which roles, industries, or companies are the best fit for you? Know that if you still have options for roles or industries, it means you should be doing more learning and/or more reflection until you can confidently identify which role and which industry (subsector too) is the best fit for your next step in your career.

In order to learn about WOKEN’s career exploration and job search platform and coaching, check out their website here or book a free career coaching call here.

Rachel Serwetz’ early professional experience was at Goldman Sachs in Operations and at Bridgewater Associates in HR. From there, she was trained as a coach at NYU and became a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. After this, she worked in HR Research at Aon Hewitt and attained her Technology MBA at NYU Stern. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of professionals with career exploration and for the past 4.5+ years she has been building her company, WOKEN, which is an online career exploration platform to coach professionals through the process of clarifying their ideal job and career path. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Binghamton University and has served as a Career Coach through the Flatiron School, Columbia University, WeWork, and Project Activate.



Waking you up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.

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Waking you up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.