The Power of Slowing Down

In times where we have no choice but to slow down, it’s a reminder of the value in doing so. It’s a reminder that your reactions are the only thing you have control over. While so many people are rapidly forced into survival mode and are working diligently to help us all get ahead of this rampant issue, others are forced to take a pause in their work.

Take gratitude in the space you may be afforded — it’s an incredible time to reflect on your choices, what’s important to you, and changes you might like to make. In fact, for those with downtime at their jobs, it’s a great time to rip the bandaid off and try to learn something new. Moments like these help us gain perspective on what’s truly important in life — your health, your happiness, and your relationships with those you love.

Today, despite all the craziness going on, I was able to take a moment to pause and walk through Central Park which reminded me of all the positivity that can still exist in a time of such turmoil and uncertainty. The weather was gorgeous, people were (seemingly) carefree for the moment, and budding NYC musicians were reminding us of the power of music to elicit joy and calm. On my way out, an especially talented musician was playing Hallelujah, one of my favorite songs, and it reminded me of a few of the things that are universal to all humans — the power and impact of music, but also, time.

Time is the utmost constant we all share and yet it can either feel like it’s rapidly racing you by or it can feel like it’s hardly moving at all. When the world returns once again to its ever rapid pace, remember that you still choose your pace. That you are the owner of your happiness. That you are in charge of your mindset, your gratitude, your reactions, and your outcomes.

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