The world as we know it of hating your job is over. Meet WOKEN: Your new career exploration platform.

New York, NY Jan 18, 2021

With any number of job matching and job search engines available today, the career space is still failing to serve the best interest of job candidates. Not only do candidates not know how, when, where or why to effectively job search, they also falter to know exactly what path is the best fit and next step for them. In fact, WOKEN says that a candidate’s lack of career clarity is exactly what is lengthening and hindering their job search.

WOKEN has guided hundreds of professionals to answer the age old question, “what should I do with my life?” by utilizing the fundamentals behind effective coaching — ensuring the process is open-ended and user-driven, that way the results actually resonate with each client. An easy-to-use website leads clients through a novel, practical, action-based, self-paced exploration process. With a one-step-at-a-time approach, WOKEN teaches users how to approach each step effectively, providing a space to track career options, learnings, and reflections. Best of all, this tech is supported by a human coach — who reviews your work, provides customized feedback, answers questions in real time, and ensures you stay on track, true to yourself, motivated and excited about the process. Rachel vouches that, “if the career search isn’t fun, the job won’t be either.”

Deloitte confirms that 87% of employees don’t feel passion in their work and 50% professionals are searching for a new job at any given time (Gallup) and WOKEN is here to stop both the trend of work disengagement as well as constant job hopping. Candidates today rely on job search engines to figure out their next steps. But WOKEN tells candidates that instead of applying anywhere, you should first pursue exploration until you feel certain and excited about your direction and your purpose. Jeff, a WOKEN client said, “You don’t go to the grocery store and start shopping before you know what you’re making for dinner. Taking the time to step back, breathe, and reflect on what I really want to do has proven to be such an important first step — the rest of my career search has a newfound purpose and focus.”

Rachel claims this novel process was developed from her ability to fully clarify her own career purpose. It took her 6 years to crystalize what she felt was the right career path for her, and now she’s repackaging her best practices into a platform for other professionals to be able to find that same freeing outcome without spending years in search of answers.

She explains: “Most job tools are geared towards benefiting businesses (job search engines), leaving candidates left uncared for. Existing assessments lack ongoing exploration and reflection. Job matching and career assessment tech is over-engineering the process, automating outputs, leading a user to look at the results feeling unenthused. Coaches have never had an easy-to-use, tried and true process to help people figure out what path they actually want to pursue. They leverage assessments and then continue helping people reflect often for months at a time, leaving them just as confused as before.”

She describes WOKEN’s new solution: “We’ve found a process that actually works to give people clarity and confidence on their career path by handholding them through critical steps including reflection on interests, research, networking, experiential learning, in an iterative design-thinking fashion until they feel confident.”

WOKEN has helped hundreds of clients realize career pivots and land new jobs. Holly, for one, was a miserable public school teacher. She went through the exploration process debating several paths and realized her excitement for project management. WOKEN helped her clarify her direction, choose an experiential learning opportunity to become certified in project management, as well as guiding an efficient job search. She is now energized in her role as a Project Manager at Pearson, where she has been excelling for a year and half.

To learn more about WOKEN, please visit and explore a free career assessment or a free coaching call.




Waking you up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.

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Waking you up to remember that you can and should find a job you love.

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